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Professional Experience

2016-Present: HOPE Consulting LLC, Business Partner / Chief Operations Officer

2020-Present: High Reliability Training LLC, Business Partner / Chief Operations Officer

Ron is an author and experienced practitioner in Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) and High Reliability Organization (HRO) that provides support for a variety of high-risk industries that includes: analysis of operational data to help front-line workers, line managers, and leaders of high-risk operations protect their assets using proven risk management methods, and error-prevention and mitigation strategies. Ron also develops and delivers:

  • Co-authored Critical Steps: Managing What Must Go Right in High-Risk Operations
  • Customized HOP and HRO workshops, webinars, and classroom training
  • Video-based HOP and HRO training
  • Observation and feedback training and mentoring
  • Leadership development, training and mentoring
  • Asset protection and risk management strategies
  • Accident / Incident investigation training and mentoring
  • Keynote speeches

Rey Gonzalez is Owner and President of HOPE Consulting LLC and has spent most of his professional life working to improve overall safety, efficiency, and profitability through the enhancement of human and organizational performance.

Rey’s background is based in 42 years working in or with High Reliability Organizations, starting his career in commercial nuclear power industry as a licensed control room operator.

In the past 28 years, Rey has applied a keen focus on improving management’s ability to coach as well as understand their role and responsibilities in providing a robust organization.

Rey's favorite talks are Coach or Engage? and Why People Proceed in the Face of Uncertainty.

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